Tattoo course

Tattoo retraining course

Our salon provides a retraining tattoo course on the basis of §108 of Act No. 435/2004 Coll. and Decree No. 176/2009 Coll. We hold an accreditation granted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic for the TATTOOER work activity (69-34-M). We are hereby authorized to conduct tattoo courses and subsequently to issue a certificate of professional qualification for the work of the Tattooer, corresponding to the level of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). This is necessary to obtain a trade license to operate “Activities in which the integrity of human skin is violated” (Trade Licensing Act No. 455/1991 Coll. – Annex No. 2 – Tied trades).

Entry requirements

Reaching the age of 18. Certificate of medical fitness. Apprenticeship or retraining course in the field of beautician or examination in the professional qualification of Beautician.

The beautician course can be started at the same time as the Tattoo course, the only condition is a successfully completed beautician course before completing the Tattoo course.

What do we need from you?

  • a copy of health card of a food worker
  • a copy of medical fitness certificate
  • a copy of the highest educational attainment
  • a copy of the certificate of cosmetics
  • course attendance and smile  🙂

Cosmetics course

Provided by the Retraining Center Blanka Chválová. We have very good experience with this center and we highly recommend it. With a binding application for our tattoo course, this center provides a discount on a cosmetics course:

We also cooperating with the Regional Center for Vocational Education, which provides a retraining course in cosmetics:

We are now cooperating with the Pilsen Studio TADEAS, which we can also warmly recommend to you:

We can still recommend you Beauty INSTITUTE:

Informations about the course

You can pick up course application at the salon.

For more information you can call:

The price of the course is 35.000,- CZK.

A deposit of 17.500,- CZK is required, which is paid when applying for the course, and the other half of the course fee (17.500,- CZK) is paid in the middle of the course.

The final exams without completing the course are charged at 10.000,- CZK per participant. For course graduates, the final exam is included in the course fee.

Course duration takes approximately 2.5 months (317 hour allowances).

Teaching is conducted only in Czech.

Approximate dates of retraining courses during 2023:

There will be an informational meeting approximately 2 weeks before the start of the course.

The graduate of the course will gain professional knowledge of tattooing, basics of hygiene, basics of anatomy and physiology of the human body and dermatology. Gains the necessary knowledge for communication with the customer and the basics of legislation.

After passing the state exam, the graduate will receive a certificate valid nationwide for violating the integrity of human skin. Upon successful completion of the professional exam, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF OBTAINING A PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION.

All prices are in CZK including VAT.

electronic application for a tattoo course

If you are seriously interested in the tattoo course, please fill out the electronic application form.

The application form must be filled out in the Czech language.


We will then contact you regarding further instructions and making an advance payment for the tattoo course.

The best way to ensure your participation in the course is to apply early and pay the deposit.


Bank account number: 1390734011/3030.

When making a bank transfer, use your social security number as a variable symbol.