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How does it work for us?

tetovaci salon v plzni

Schedule the first appointment

zajistujeme tetovani

Appointment and payment of deposit

originalni tetovani v salonu

Tattoo session

osetreni v tetovacim salonu

Tattoo treatment

tetovaci salon

Final check-up/correction session

About tattoos

Tattooing is carried out professionally using a tattoo machine with disposable needles and certified inks, following strict hygiene standards.

Making an appointment

First, a consultation with our tattoo artist at our tattoo studio in Pilsen is necessary. To schedule a consultation, you can visit our studio or contact us by phone, email, or through our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. Click the icon for contact details: click 38743 960 720

Are you under 18 years old?

Are you not 18 years old?
To get a tattoo, you must be 18 years or older. Otherwise, we require written consent from both parents or legal guardians. The form is available physically at our tattoo studio, or you can download it here: click 38743 960 720

Prevent health complications

Before the actual tattooing, it is crucial to be well-rested, well-fed, and calm. We do not recommend the consumption of coffee, alcohol, or the use of drugs or medications. Discuss any health issues with your tattoo artist. Any withholding of your medical condition is your responsibility. If you don’t feel your best and have a scheduled appointment, it’s better to call the tattoo studio and reschedule.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to your visit to our tattoo studio.

What is a poke?

Poke is a term used to describe the application of patterns into the skin in an unhygienic manner, often using a sewing needle or a pointed wire, with the use of ink from a pen or other colors not intended for tattooing. Pokes are performed by an untrained individual without authorization for tattooing. The result is often unaesthetic. Insufficient care during and after the procedure can lead to frequent health complications. For this reason, we appreciate when customers request tattoos from us rather than pokes. Thank you for your understanding.

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